Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

1. VAT: The listed prices of the seminars do not include 24% VAT.

2. Participation: Participations are strictly in the order of priority (“first-come, first-served”).

3. Temporary booking: Once the registrations have opened, your spot may be temporarily booked by joining through our website mgacademy.gr or by emailing us at info@mgacademy.gr.

4. Official booking: A 50% deposit per seminar is required to secure your spot. Your spot is officially confirmed by sending us an email with proof of deposit(s) within three (3) business days of your registration. Any bank transfer costs are payable by the participants.

5. Cancellation Policy: The deposit(s) are refunded up to sixty (60) days prior to the start date of each seminar. After these dates, the deposit(s) are not refunded. In case of full payment, the difference is refunded and only the deposit is withheld.

In case of cancellation by the organisers or the guest chefs, the participants are refunded only the amount they have deposited for that respective seminar that is cancelled.

6. Transfer of participation in another name: Participations may be transferred to another name free of charge with written notice up to 10 days prior to the start of the seminar. In case of change later than 10 days there is a fee of 50€.

7. Payoff: Payoff can be made in cash on the 1st day of the seminar or via bank transfer one (1) month before the start of the seminar.

8. Discounts: For the Advanced Seminars of 2019, there are discounts based on the total number of seminars you wish to attend, which are defined as follows: Three (3) to four (4) seminars = 5% discount, five (5) to six (6) Seminars = 7.5% discount, seven (7) to eight (8) seminars = 12.5% discount. The discount is calculated based on the total resgistrations and applies entirely to the last seminar you choose to participate in.

9. What’s included in the price: Each seminar’s price includes the seminar’s recipe book with space for notes in Greek or English in both printed and electronic format (PDF after the end of the seminar), simultaneous interpretation in Greek & English, pen, transfer bag, chef’s apron and certificate of attendance signed by the guest chef and the director of the MGA School. The price also includes an all-day coffee station and light lunch, as well as photos with the Chef and all of the professional photographic material of the seminar in HD digital format (for details on photo and video, see below section “Photos and Video”).

10. What’s not included in the price: The cost of the seminar does not include travel expenses (air / boat tickets), accommodation, transportation and other meal costs (breakfast and dinner). For transportation costs from and to the seminar area, please refer to the “Transportation” section below.

11. Accommodation: To facilitate the participants’ accommodation search, MGA has secured business rates with hotels closeby the seminar facilities. For recommendations do not hesitate to contact us. (* We suggest timely communication to ensure availability of rooms. The participants undertake to contact the hotels themselves, simply mentioning that they are members of the MGA school to get our rates. There is no obligation to stay at the proposed hotels and MGA in no way benefits from the bookings.)

12. Duration and schedule of seminars: The seminars last from three (3) to five (5) days depending on the subject. The arrival time at the seminar is 8:30 am with an official start at 9:00 am. There is a break for light meal at 1:00 pm and the completion of the seminar is 6:30 pm. At the times indicated, there may be slight discrepancies based on the program flow.

13. Transportation from and to the seminar facilities: MGA can undertake the transportation to and from the seminar with minivans rented specifically for this purpose [the cost of using the service is 15€ per day (both ways), payable for all days during the check-in on the first day of the seminar]. The pick-up point is determined based on the venue location of the seminar). Participants using their own mean of transport can arrive directly at the seminar at 8:30 am.

14. Photos & Videos of Participants: Participants are allowed to take photos during the seminar. The video of the entire seminar or even extensive videos are explicitly forbidden and are considered a breach of the contract terms with our guest chefs. Photos and short videos are allowed for social media, as well as location sharing and tag of the chef and the MGA School (@mgacademy.gr).

15. Photos & Videos of MGA: Photos and videos depicting you may be taken during the seminar for MGA’s social media or other means of promoting the School. If you do not wish us to use shots from you, please let us know before the commencement of the seminar. The professional photos of the seminar are available two to three weeks after the end of the seminar and are posted on MGA’s official page on Facebook and the MGA website at mgacademy.gr. The individual professional photos of the certificates awarding are not posted. They are sent along with all the other photos in HD, in the form of a link for downloading. These are available within two weeks after the end of the seminar. Promotional video from the seminar is also available on the MGA YouTube channel within three weeks after the end of the seminar.