Tasos Tyranopoulos

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Tasos Tyranopoulos



His first day at a patisserie was in September 1983 in Piraeus, Athens. Two months later, and until April 1987, he worked at the Divan patisserie with Dimitris Baharis, who he considers as his mentor. There were various pastry shops he worked in until 2008 when the first “Sokolata” patisserie was established, where he works until today as a Production Manager. It is no coincidence that he also loves to work with sokolata (=chocolate)! Since then and to this day, the “Sokolata” patisserie shops are five in number! Tasos is a graduate of the STE Academy (School of Tourism Professions) having studied the Pastry Art. He has attended numerous seminars in Greek and foreign schools with renown chefs including Christophe Redon, Karim Burgi, Guillaume Mabilleau, Gianluca Fusto, Alexandre Paisant, Amaury Guichon, Carles Mampel and others. During his career he had the opportunity to visit many chocolate, fruit and other raw materials factories of major European companies such as Lenotre, Valrhona, Domori, Agrimontana, Gelatitalia, Margerite, Ravi fruit and others. These visits have greatly contributed to him gaining valuable insights into improving and refining techniques as well as the preparatory and final results of his pastry work.

Fun Facts

about Tasos Tyranopoulos

  • MGA is… a mean through which I too can pitch in this wonderful art in my country!
  • How would the team describe him: Let the others say…
  • How he would describe the rest of the team: Top guys!
  • Celebrity he would like to have dinner with: Stavros Papoutsidis! What? Not a celebrity? He’ll be one soon!
  • Favorite dessert: I don’t know… Everything!
  • Life Motto: Live and learn…