Nikolaos Koutsoukos


Nikolaos Koutsoukos



From a very young age Nikolaos knew the industry he wanted to be in was the one of hospitality. Since high school, she started working during the summer period at his neighborhood’s bakery for pocket money. When he graduated, he commenced his studies in Bakery and Pastry at the OAED School in Galatsi, Athens. After completing his apprenticeship as assistant baker at a bakery shop, he started working as an entry-level assistant pastry chef. This was the nodal point in his career that determined the course he wanted to follow. Soon after, he started as Assistant Pastry Chef and then as Executive Head Chef and Production Manager in well-known patisseries, including Sauer, Papagalino, Gavrielidis and the “big school” – as he calls it – “Varsos”, where he stayed for 10 years. At the same time, he started conducting pastry seminars and providing consulting services to various businesses throughout Greece. His restless business spirit led him to become the co-founder of Valeron Athens where he remained two years after its establishment. Then came the proposal for cooperation with the Monterno Patisseries in Chania, Crete where he worked as Production Manager until September 2018. Nikolaos is now based in Crete where he lives permanently, manages MGA and at the same time he conducts Masterclasses and provides consulting services to patisseries and professional pastry chefs in Greece and abroad.

Fun Facts

about Nikolaos Koutsoukos

  • MGA is… A window to knowledge!
  • How would the team describe him: Work, work, work!
  • How he would describe the rest of the team: Hard working, passionate, innovative…
  • Celebrity he would like to have dinner with: Morgan Freeman
  • Favorite dessert: 2000 Feuilles from Pierre Hermé
  • Life Motto: Reach for the sky…!