Konstantinos Tsompanidis

Boulangerie / Viennoiserie Manager & Consultant

Konstantinos Tsompanidis



His love for gastronomy was evident from a very young age, when he was “digging” in the kitchen, next to his mother, to assist and create! His occupation developed his curiosity and his restless spirit pushed him to want to go deeper into the paths of knowledge… In adolescence, the decision that this would be his career and at the same time his great love had been “kneaded”. In 2016, he completed his studies at the Le Monde Institute in Athens and graduated as a Pastry and Bakery Technician.

His first involvement with art of Boulangerie was due to his internship at the Royal & Imperial Belvedere Hotel in Hersonissos, Crete in 2015, where he took on the role of assistant baker. His love with Bakery was unavoidable for him the moment he “blended” with the flour and found his thing! His thirst for knowledge and further development led him to the Ferrandi School in Paris, where he completed the International Program of Boulangerie & Viennoiserie Francais for 2016-2017 and then worked at the Maison Landemaine for 8 months as a Boulanger. His international work experience continued at the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park, London, where he worked from 2017 to 2018 as Commis Patissier in the Pastry & Bakery department.

Upon his return to Greece, having gained valuable knowledge and work experience, Konstantinos began sharing his knowledge and passion by conducting bakery and viennoiserie seminars at Le Monde Institute and by providing consulting services to various businesses throughout Greece (OK Bread , Katsioulis, Queen Bee), and abroad (Artopolis Bakery & Café, Capitol Coffee & Eatery, Elly’s Brunch & Café – Chicago, USA). His consulting services include recipe development, product range renewal, process optimization on recipes and production, organization, quality control, maintenance and proper utilisation of raw materials in the bakery and viennoiserie sector (morning zone, yeasts, sweet and savory pastries).

Fun Facts

about Konstantinos Tsompanidis

  • MGA is… Evolution, organization, technique and humanness
  • How would the team describe him: Perfectionist…
  • How he would describe the rest of the team: One fist…
  • Celebrity he would like to have dinner with: Chef Michalia Karouzos!!!
  • Favorite dessert: Mont Blanc!
  • Life Motto: “In your work be serious and in your life be crazy!”