Yann Couvreur

Yann Couvreur


A craftsman at heart, Yann Couvreur sculpts a tailor-made pastry that suits his credo: a world centered on respect for the product and the correctness of the flavors.

Worked in renowned restaurants, he invented a pastry where sweet and savory borrow the same codes. His out-of-this-world creations were quickly acclaimed by critics and his name quickly circulated from mouth to ear. In addition to his vaporous meringues and his refined compositions, his famous Mille-feuille with Vanilla is a true signature dish! This dessert awarded the title of “Dessert of the Year” by the LEBEY guide in 2014 and it perfectly reflects the artistic vibe of Yann Couvreur.

Yann Couvreur continues to this day to develop his vision of tomorrow’s Pastry: that of a low-sugar pastry, where each dessert must be carried by a harmony in flavors.

In the cozy kitchens of Paris, Yann dreams of realizing his real life project: a place where he can fully express his talent and share with his customers his vision of pastry. He decides to leave the main avenues for the popular streets of eastern Paris and opens his first shop in Goncourt, an eclectic and buzzing district.

«Take what nature gives and work with it» – that’s pastry chef Yann Couvreur’s motto and his incredible confections reflect this…