About us

About us

Mediterranean Gastronomy Academy

Window to knowledge...

MGA was founded in 2017 by 4 aspiring pastry chefs with a common vision; the development of the pastry & bakery industry. It consists of a knit team of professionals and that is its pillar. Our goal is to make accessible, high-level seminars available to the gastronomy industry in Greece. We handpick and invite some of the best internationally renowned chefs for our masterclasses. At the moment, two years after its establishment, MGA has gained an amazing momentum with participations not only from every corner of Greece but also from abroad, such as Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Albania and Cyprus.

Our vision

The evolution of the culinary art

Our vision is to defend, promote and spread the appreciation of the culinary art through short-term seminars by the best in the industry! Our goal is to educate and retrain the industry stakeholders with a view to developing, innovating and promoting new trends. We are passionate about helping skilled chefs and amateur enthusiasts tap into their inner advocate and provide the training required in the rapidly evolving bakery & pastry industry to ensure their ongoing success! For this reason we organize two kinds of seminars – Advanced Masterclasses and Basics.

Our team