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Evolving Gastronomy


The Mediterranean Gastronomy Academy (MGA) is a seminar-based culinary school, founded in 2017 by 4 pastry chefs. The seminar programs are taught by the world’s best chefs and aim to provide insights into the latest trends in gastronomy! By continually striving to be better and to offer our participants the elite of knowledge, we aim for every seminar to be a different thematic unit in the field of modern pastry & bakery and a unique experience!

Nikolaos Koutsoukos

MGA Director

In a very demanding era where businesses and professional chefs are being judged constantly, the need for development is crucial more than ever.

Continuous training is a one-way course for MGA that was established with a view to developing and innovating through short-term seminars by the best chefs in Greece and worldwide.

With a constant desire to thrive and to offer professional chefs the “elite” of knowledge, it is our aim that every seminar presents a different thematic unit in the field of modern bakery & pastry offering a unique experience!



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